Fixing the problems with “Praise to the Man”

One of my philosophies in life, is that one shouldn’t just complain about life. If you see something that you don’t like, try to fix it. Today I’ve followed that philosophy. A year ago a wrote about the problem with the LDS hymn “Praise to the Man.”

Today, we had Stake Conference, Liz and I sang in the choir. Everything went fine until the “rest” hymn when the congregation stood and sang it, apparently with “gusto”. As I promised I did not participate, neither standing nor singing. But those damned lyrics kept annoying me. Unfortunately, their existence spoiled the rest of the meeting for me. So in order to help myself feel better, I’ve attempted a re-write on the lyrics. It’s not perfect, and I welcome suggestions, or better examples. My hope, was to remove the focus from Joseph Smith and back to God (where it should be in a “worship meeting.”). As I pointed out before, I have no problem with “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer” precisely because the focus is still on God.

I wrote these up, and after the meeting went home and printed up my previous post with these lyrics. Then I returned to the conference and delivered them to the presiding authority, with the admission that I expected nothing from him (no response, no action, just that he read them).

Anyway, I open this up for suggestions.

Praise to the Lord who communed with a mortal,
Calling, anointing a Prophet and Seer
Instructing him to open this last dispensation
That all men may know and worship their King.

Praise to the Lord, Joseph died as a martyr,
to honor and praise Jesus’ blessed name,
cleansed by Christ’s blood shed for our salvation,
We implore heaven for the redemption of all.

Praise to the Lord for sharing His priesthood,
given to man for His service below.
Faithfully obedient we enter Christ’s kingdom
with Joseph and faithful prophets of old.

Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven
we will give our all for our Father’ great cause.
We labor to teach the truth of the gospel,
till the world shall follow the gospel again.

-Andrew Mills


One Response to “Fixing the problems with “Praise to the Man””

  1. Clean Cut Says:

    I think you’re definitely on the right track here. I appreciate the effort, as well as the reason behind it. Now if only we can get the verses to rhyme a bit more. I’ll have to think more about this as well.

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